Thursday, October 27, 2011

Selection Mercedes C180 (W202)

The first-class honours degree multiplication W202 C-Class was enclosed in 1993, every bit a replenishment for the Mercedes-Benz W201 (190), and evidenced immensely fashionable, quickly decent Mercedes-Benz's best-selling course of instruction of vehicles planetary.

There will be an objective assessment for buying Mercedes C 180:
1) CHEAP PRICE, wherever country are living, the price of C180 and C200 as more than 10 years old car should be enought cheap.
2) QUALITY, even though both models were a Mercedes entry level class, but the quality is remain high, especially if you buy an elegance or avant-garde trims. I'm not suggested to buy the classic trim because with extra 100 dollar we can get the higher trim which is worth more than 1000 dollar compare to classic one.
3) ECONOMIC FUEL CONSUMPTION, around 20 mpg for urban driving and up to 39 mpg for extra urban. If you in stop and go driving situation, C200 will give you better fuel consumption due to its higher power, in other hand if you in continues driving in highway or toll road, C180 is more economics.
4) Mercedes C-Class C180 - Mass car. You can always find the necessary spare part.
1) Wiring Harness, please check this first, most of the electrical promblems cause by a poor wiring harness condition, no wonder, it is an old car. Replace it if necessary, the original one will cost you around 600 to 750 USD, however there is a after market product with price around 250 to 300USD.
2) Check for rust, lower front suspension control arms can rust through. They are made of layers of stamped sheet metal rather than solid steel. They have a 3 inch large hole on top and the salt and water goes in the hole and soaks down to the lower ball joint area, and rusts from the inside out because they are hollow.
Good luck with the choice of Mercedes C180!

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